Digital, Paperless School Yearbooks!
Creating Virtual Memories
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Creating Powerful Memories
Create the yearbook from anywhere

The free SchoolFlicker app allows schools to create yearbook profiles from their phones

Works with iOS and Android

Never miss a school moment using the SchoolFlicker app that includes audio and video.

Powerful security

Profiles and pictures are saved securely on the cloud and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere with a secure login.


Zero cost to schools

No production costs

No delivery or maintenance charges

No hidden fees

No unsold inventory

No Paper

Fast setup, no commitments

Sign up for SchoolFlicker and we will help you get set up in minutes – no commitments or long-term contracts. Accept payments online.

Create memorable profiles that users remember

Personalize your yearbook with audio and video. Allow users to write unforgettable comments on their colleague’s profile walls. Order anytime.

Paperless means no paper!

Access your yearbook on the phone and on the web. Download profiles and print it yourself. Order anytime. No expiry dates or deadlines to order. Create user logins and permissions.


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Our users are delighted!
  • I love the online yearbook! The video and audio gives me a chance to look back years from now and really see (and hear) how my daughter has changed over the years! I would never want to go back to having a traditional yearbook after experiencing the online version...a video says so much more than a stationary photo. I also like being able to access the yearbook on my yearbook app anytime so I can enjoy it forever (no chance of it getting lost in a pile somewhere like a hard copy of a yearbook can). My daughter loves watching the video and will likely get a real kick watching it 20 years from now!
    Debbie Hoffman, Parent
    Debbie Hoffman, Parent

  • Haley Witt is a recent graduate from Desert Vista High School, Phoenix, AZ. She began competing in middle school speech and debate at Akimel A-al Middle School. She competed in the summer of 2015 with the TSTDC nationals team in Dallas and placed in the top 30 in the nation.
    Haley Witt
    Haley Witt

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