Online School Yearbook

Yearbook Online Schools Introducing SchoolFlicker, the first completely online school yearbook! SchoolFlicker brings you exciting online school yearbooks that offer not just static pictures and text, but vibrant audio and video as well. In this digital age, it is time to move away from the traditional paper yearbooks, that schools have hitherto produced, and make the yearbook online.

As far back as we can remember, traditional school yearbooks have been paper yearbooks that are not just time-consuming and difficult to produce but cumbersome to carry around and store. With SchoolFlicker, the completely paperless yearbook, all problems associated with the traditional yearbook are resolved. SchoolFlicker’s online school yearbooks are easy to produce, easy to share, include dynamic video and sound, and most of all they are inexpensive and easy to produce.

What joy to see your yearbook photos online, to share and to enjoy the yearbook online! How often do you carry a heavy, traditional yearbook around? For that matter, how often to you take it down from the storage shelf to browse through it. Most yearbooks end up in attics, stored in boxes, some end up on a bookshelf, forgotten for years and years. Moments with friends who mattered so much lie buried in the box or languish on the shelf. Now imagine being able to check out your yearbook photos online, at any time, any place. Imagine having instant access to those same memories, virtually, being able to recreate in an instant all the remembrances of that special time, your school years.

How is that possible? It is possible because SchoolFlicker can be accessed at the tip of your fingers, through your mobile phone. Imagine running into an old high school friend in a restaurant, ten years after graduation. Imagine reminiscing about your school days, about special friends. Perhaps you get into a dispute about a someone’s last name. Then imagine pulling out your phone and logging in to check out this person’s last name and your yearbook photos online.

SchoolFlicker makes just all of that possible and more. Log in to see more than just your yearbook photos online. Watch yourself and your friends in videos and hear yourselves with the audio links with SchoolFlicker. Years from now, this will be so valuable, so poignant, so treasured. The school years are years of tremendous growth, of learning, of accomplishments but they are also a time of bonding, of forming relationships, of special memories and special events. SchoolFlicker helps you capture all of that magic with its unique and never-before digital format that includes, text, picture, audio and video, all four combining to make the online school yearbook so much more vibrant, colorful and impactful. Something everyone will cherish for years and years. Whether via web or on your mobile phone, digital SchoolFlicker is available in completely digital form.

SchoolFlicker’s Advantages

Online Yearbook On SchoolFlicker This digital format imbues SchoolFlicker with several obvious advantages. One is the ability to include audio and video in addition to the yearbook photos online . Then, it provides you the ability to enjoy and share the yearbook with others, any where, any time. There are no issues with storing it or keeping it packed away, no danger of it languishing on a shelf or in a box in the attic.

Another obvious advantage? Parents love SchoolFlicker and online school yearbooks because they are so much cheaper than traditional yearbooks. Traditional yearbooks can be expensive, they cost anywhere from sixty to a hundred dollars and in homes with multiple siblings that cost can multiply several fold. Parents often grumble about not just the cost of these yearbooks but about the fact that no one seems to care about them or look through them after the first year or so. Meanwhile, they are stuck with storing them while the kids move away. SchoolFlicker’s yearbooks reduce costs considerably, easing the burden on parents who purchase yearbooks.

Then there are other advantages that are not so apparent immediately. SchoolFlicker’s online school yearbooks are environmentally friendly. Think of all the trees and all the paper that SchoolFlicker saves by not printing the yearbooks. For the eco-conscious generation, SchoolFlicker is a boon!

SchoolFlicker comes with advantages for the school as well. SchoolFlicker, which provides you the yearbook online, is a revenue generator for schools besides which there’s zero cost that accrues to the schools. Schools don’t need to worry about unsold inventory either. It’s far easier to manage than the traditional yearbook.

With all these advantages stacking up, there’s every reason to choose SchoolFlicker’s online school yearbooks. Create virtual memories with SchoolFlicker, the paperless yearbook!