Yearbooks Online

yearbook-online In a world where everything has gone digital, it is a wonder that the school yearbook remains the same. They are still traditional, made of paper, heavy, and difficult to store. Moreover, the traditional yearbooks are difficult to produce, difficult to organize, and distribute. They require so much from a school and the students in terms of time and effort. It is time to wonder why we don’t have yearbooks online.

It makes perfect sense for the yearbook to go digital. Online yearbooks would make things simpler. So many of today’s publications have gone digital, so many books are read online, yet the yearbook remains in paper form. The traditional way of doing things comes with disadvantages: it is environmentally unsound, the books are difficult to store and are not easily portable, and in addition, costs so much more. With yearbooks online, many of those issues could be eliminated.

Think about the traditional yearbook languishing on the bookshelf or in the attic, gathering dust. How often does one look at it after the first flush of excitement? How difficult is it to transport? How difficult is it to get back to in a few years when you might want to connect with an old friend? But all those problems can be resolved with today’s technology that can offer yearbooks online.

Think about how much is spent on the traditional yearbook by a parent. Each year parents bear an unreasonable burden, purchasing yearbooks that they are stuck with for years and years. Again, yearbooks online would resolve that.

Think about the number of trees that are killed each year to manufacture these yearbooks, all those pages that can possibly fade over the years, when yearbooks online could easily save those trees.

Enter, SchoolFlicker!

SchoolFlicker is the perfect answer to all the problems associated with the traditional yearbook. They offer yearbooks online,  yearbooks that are rich and vibrant, full of life. SchoolFlicker’s yearbooks online are more than just simple yearbooks with photos. They come complete with picture, audio, video and text and are available at the tips of your fingers – on your phone or via the web. See a school picture come alive with a video. Hear a musician’s solo. Watch a game’s segment. The possibilities are endless!

What’s best is that the memories can stay fresh. Subscriber’s can access the yearbook anytime and anywhere – be it in a restaurant, in the mall, at home or at college. SchoolFlicker’s yearbook is never farther than your fingertips so there is no danger of losing touch, gathering dust, and no worries about portability.

These yearbooks online are so easy to create and produce that it eases up time for schools, allowing them to focus on what they do best: educate. Also, the schools do not need to worry about storage or excess inventory. SchoolFlicker, which provides you yearbooks online, is a revenue generator for schools besides which there’s zero cost that accrues to the schools. Schools don’t need to worry about unsold inventory either. It’s far easier to manage than the traditional yearbook.

With all these advantages stacking up, there’s every reason to choose SchoolFlicker’s yearbooks online. Create virtual memories with SchoolFlicker, the paperless yearbook!