A traditional yearbook is entirely paper, which makes it is hard to manage, produce and deliver. What's more, it is hard to maintain and access over time. SchoolFlicker, on the other hand, is truly the first paperless yearbook for schools. This means it is completely digital and in addition, it comes with picture, video, audio and text. SchoolFlicker is easily accessible anytime, anywhere on the phone or on the web. Optionally, it can also be downloaded as a pdf.
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Yes, each school can have one or more administrators for the yearbook for each year.
The beauty of SchoolFlicker is that the administrator can assign people roles to create the various parts of the yearbook, all of which can be done through the SchoolFlicker Admin mobile app.
You can have class pictures, school pictures, school events, teacher profiles, clubs an activities and literally any picture, audio or video that will capture precious moments from your school year.


Yes, SchoolFlicker is completely free for schools to create their online digital yearbook.
There are no hidden or additional charges.
The yearbook is completely free for schools to create straight from their phones. However, there is a fee to access the finished yearbook which is determined by the school.
After the yearbook is released (for the 2016-1017 school year, it will be released late spring of 2017) authorized parents, teachers, staff, and students of the school can purchase their yearbook. All they need to do is activate their account so they can log in to SchoolFlicker.com.
We accept all major credit cards and PayPal on our website to purchase the SchoolFlicker yearbook. Create the order to the cart and once payment is made, you can access your yearbook, both online and on the web.


The yearbook pages can be created only by authorized users who have been approved by the school yearbook committee. These users are given administrative privileges for their respective classes, clubs or activities.
Each yearbook profile comes with a title /name, picture, an optional 30 sec audio and / or a 30 sec video. The activities profiles come with a picture, an optional audio and / or a video and lines of text (100 characters)
The school is first set up in the SchoolFlicker back-end after which permissions are given to the respective owners of the different classes and activities to create profiles from the phone.
Yes, each profile can be changed any number of times before final submission.
The deadline is established by the yearbook administrator for the school.
When the yearbook is released, it can be accessed on the web as well on the SchoolFlicker app.
There is no deadline to purchase the yearbook. However, there may be a price difference for past/archived yearbooks.
Once all the profiles are submitted and approved, the turnaround time is approx. ten days or less, depending on the number of pictures that have been uploaded.
Each individual profile can purchase up to three digital copies of the yearbook, each copy associated with a unique email address which has to be approved and authorized by the school.
Yes, provided the different yearbooks are associated with the same email ID.
No, each yearbook account is associated with a unique email ID.


The administrator ensures that each profile is associated with the authorized user using a verified email ID.


You have lifetime authorization for the account. The account is valid for as long as the school is still in business.
Since SchoolFlicker is digital, you can purchase it whenever you want. Hence reminders will be sent out by your school.
SchoolFlicker yearbook is hosted on a secure server in the cloud which gives you access anytime, anywhere. So it doesn’t get lost. In addition, the yearbook is constantly backed up.
The SchoolFlicker yearbook is always available online with lifetime access.
You can change your password anytime and as many times as you wish. However, if you wish to change your email address, you have to reactivate your account for security authorization.
You can send an email to support@schoolflicker.com or call us at 480-420-3172. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Yes, the yearbook will feature a wall that will allow friends and relatives to leave a message. The user has the final authority to approve or delete the message and mark it public or private before making them visible.
The customization occurs with the content that is put in, not in the layout. The standardized layout ensures consistency and seamless interaction across different platforms to provide the optimal user experience.
We value diversity and respect for schools, teachers, administrators, students, parents and others. We strive to avoid offending users with any content that is inappropriate for our users. For this reason, we don't allow the promotion of any of the following:
  • Hatred; violence; harassment; racism; sexual, religious, or political intolerance, or organizations with such views
  • Content that's likely to shock or disgust
  • Content that's exploitative or appears to unfairly capitalize at the expense of others
Once the yearbook is released, you will have the option of downloading, up to a certain predefined limit, pictures/profiles as a pdf file. There will be an additional cost for this. You can then print this file on your own. SchoolFlicker is a strictly paperless yearbook.


Yes, each user will have a unique login ID associated with your child in the school.
All employees in the school will be provided with a unique ID tied to your email address to access the yearbook.
Absolutely, that’s the beauty of SchoolFlicker. You can purchase previous years’ yearbooks, however, there will be a premium in price because of elapsed time, which increases the value of the profiles.
Once all the profiles are submitted and approved, the turnaround time is approx. ten days or less, depending on the number of pictures that have been uploaded.
The final price of the yearbook is determined by the school.


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Email: support@schoolflicker.com
Website: www.schoolflicker.com