High School Yearbook Companies

school-yearbook-company-schoolflicker Yearbook companies have traditionally produced yearbooks that are made of paper. This seems outdated in an age where everything has gone digital. People download books to read online, they read magazines online, they pay bills online, they get their news online, they watch movies online. However, high school yearbook companies still produce heavy, bound, paper books that are cumbersome, difficult to produce and difficult to store. People might say, that’s the way things have been done in the yearbook arena forever. Yes, and yearbook companies have not changed in a long, long time.

Until now. Enter SchoolFlicker’s paperless yearbook!

SchoolFlicker challenges the status quo and offers never-before features to the yearbook. The old high school yearbook companies cannot offer what SchoolFlicker does. SchoolFlicker offers more than just a static picture with a few lines of text. It is dynamic and offers audio and video in addition to text and an online photo. It makes the school yearbook come alive, makes it vibrant and so much more interesting and engaging. SchoolFlicker is different from the other yearbook companies – it offers never-before features and a never-before format.

SchoolFlicker distinguishes itself from other yearbook companies in being completely paperless, with audio and video. Not just that, SchoolFlicker can be accessed any time, anywhere. It is literally available at the tips of your fingers. All you need is a mobile phone and no matter where you are, you can access your yearbook. SchoolFlicker can also be accessed via the web.

The traditional yearbook companies offer you a book that is heavy, and difficult to store. Therefore, it languishes on a book shelf, gathering dust or it gets packed up and put away somewhere in the attic. What use is a yearbook that cannot be accessed easily. SchoolFlicker, of course, need not be stored as it is completely digital. That’s why SchoolFlicker’s yearbook is a novel and exciting concept in yearbooks, one that other high school yearbook companies do not offer.

SchoolFlicker’s Advantages

School Yearbook Company SchoolFlicker The paper yearbook produced by traditional yearbook companies cannot be shared easily. Sharing the paper yearbook means transporting it. And that is not the case with SchoolFlicker’s digital yearbook. Entirely digital, SchoolFlicker’s yearbooks are available at your fingertips, literally, and can be easily shared with friends and family, any where, any time. So whether you are in a restaurant or at the mall when you run into an old classmate, you can pull up your old yearbook on your phone and share precious memories.

The traditional yearbook is made of paper and yearbook companies kill thousands of trees each year to produce their school yearbooks. Not so with SchoolFlicker. Entirely paperless, SchoolFlicker’s yearbooks are environmentally friendly, which will make the younger, eco-conscious generation happy.

One huge advantage to using SchoolFlicker is it’s cost structure. Compared to the other yearbook companies, SchoolFlicker is relatively inexpensive. SchoolFlicker’s digital yearbooks are cheaper and easier to produce. They make the whole process so much easier for schools while making it cheaper for the parents to purchase. The cost burden of the paper yearbook, to a family, is considerable. High school yearbook companies charge anywhere from sixty to a hundred dollars for the yearbook. Imagine the burden then on parents, year after year. Many of them have to purchase multiple copies, one for each of their children, each year. What’s worse, the children usually leave them behind when they leave home, so the burden of saving and storing the books falls upon the parents as well. And when these books simply languish on a shelf or in the attic, gathering dust, parents do wonder why they paid so much for something that hardly browsed through.

SchoolFlicker comes with advantages for the school as well. Schools spend a lot of time and effort on yearbooks, time that can be better spent on their core competency: education. SchoolFlicker, which provides you the yearbook online, is a revenue generator for schools besides which there’s zero cost that accrues to the schools. Schools don’t need to worry about unsold inventory either. It’s far easier to manage than the traditional yearbook.

Yes, the era of the paperless yearbook is here, offering so many advantages to students, parents and schools. With all these advantages stacking up, there’s every reason to choose SchoolFlicker’s online school yearbooks. Move away from the old yearbook companies and enjoy the completely digital advantages of the new paperless yearbook from SchoolFlicker!

Create virtual memories with SchoolFlicker, the paperless yearbook!