Class Yearbooks Online

Class Yearbooks Online Class Yearbooks OnlineWhen Pat received an invitation to her ten year high school reunion, she wished she had her class yearbook with her. She wondered where the friends are that she hung out with, those that were on her tennis team, those that she shared her lunch table with. She had fully intended to keep in touch with her friends when she graduated, but life just got in the way. Then she wondered when and where she had last seen the class yearbook. She could not remember.

If only someone would create a class yearbook online, she thought. It would be an easy way to bring back the old memories, to perhaps even connect with those that had shared so much of her growing years.

Now, someone has! Introducing SchoolFlicker, the paperless yearbook.

SchoolFlicker is class yearbooks online. Completely digital, SchoolFlicker is an exciting new concept in yearbooks, allowing the student to include not just a static picture and some lines of text but audio and video as well. Class yearbooks have now entered the digital era, and have become, thanks to SchoolFlicker, exciting, colorful, dynamic and vibrant. Imagine being able to watch segments from a student’s football game, imagine hearing the sounds of the cheers, imagine being transported there. Now you can experience the excitement. Instead of a boring, static picture, precious school moments come alive, with audio and video.

The years speed by, SchoolFlicker knows, but the precious memory of those years remains. Class yearbooks have long been the way to capture and retain some of those memories. The problem with the old way of doing things, using a traditional, paper yearbook, is that people store them and forget about them. Yearbooks are often forgotten, stored as they are in attics or on a bookshelf somewhere. They can only be accessed occasionally. They are not available whenever and whereever the need arises. Not so with SchoolFlicker. With SchoolFlicker’s class yearbooks online, these old, valuable memories can be accessed any where and at any time.

How is that possible? SchoolFlicker makes the class yearbook available literally at the tips of your fingers, on your mobile phone. Everything else has gone digital, so why shouldn’t the yearbook? With SchoolFlicker’s class yearbooks online, anyone can access their yearbook any where, and at any time. Not only right after graduation, but years from now, your memories are available in digital form, so you can connect with friends, reach out to them and relive those days any time you feel the need to.

More advantages to using SchoolFlicker!

Class Yearbooks Online SchoolFlicker Although these are important reasons, those are not the only compelling reasons to adopt the new SchoolFlicker for a school. SchoolFlicker comes with a host of advantages. Some of them are explained below.

First and foremost, it makes the job of creating and distributing yearbooks so much easier for the school. Traditional class yearbooks, come with challenges for a school as they are difficult to produce, are expensive and take up a lot of time. Besides, many schools are stuck with unsold inventory. With SchoolFlicker, class yearbooks become so much easier as the process is completely online.

Parents love SchoolFlicker’s class yearbooks online as they are so much cheaper than the traditional yearbooks. Every year, class yearbooks place an unnecessary financial burden on parents as they are expensive to purchase. However, they cannot deny their children the pleasure of obtaining their school yearbooks. For parents with several children in school at the same time, the costs become prohibitive. Traditional yearbooks can cost anywhere from sixty to a hundred dollars.

Besides the above reasons, SchoolFlicker is also environmentally friendly. What a wonderful advantage, the opportunity to be kind to the environment! Think of all the paper that is saved, and all the trees that are saved by keeping the class yearbook totally digital. This new online class yearbook, SchoolFlicker, would also appeal to the young people of today, who are conscious of the environment and want to preserve it.

Yes, the era of the paperless yearbook is here, offering so many advantages to schools, to students and to parents. With all these advantages stacking up, there’s every reason to choose SchoolFlicker’s online school yearbooks. Move away from the old yearbook companies and enjoy the completely digital advantages of the new paperless yearbook from SchoolFlicker!

Create virtual memories with SchoolFlicker, the paperless yearbook!