High School Yearbooks

everyone-wants-their-high-school-yearbooksWhen it comes time to order high school yearbooks, all students get excited. And it should be that way: the excitement to own a piece of their own history. These books capture everything their school years stand for; they are a representation of their abilities, their successes, their joys, their sorrows, their relationships. The books will forever be a symbol of their growing years, the symbol of who they were and who they have become; their very important memories encapsulated. Small wonder they really, really want a copy.

But then, something happens. As time goes by, they move away. Their cumbersome high school yearbooks stay on their bookshelf. The books remain behind while they move on. In a way, it’s as if the students leave a bit of their lives behind. Do they really want to forget?

Not at all. The issue is that the traditional paper yearbooks are heavy, cumbersome and difficult to carry around. No wonder they get left behind on their old bookshelves. That would definitely not be the case if they had online high school yearbooks.

In a world that’s gone digital it’s time for high school yearbooks to go digital as well. Imagine being able to access an old high school yearbook from your phone or via the web. Imagine being able to connect with old friends, imagine being able to keep memories alive, imagine pictures that never fade, imagine being able to see all of it as if it had happened just yesterday.

Now, that which was just imagined can be reality.

Enter, SchoolFlicker!

SchoolFlicker is the perfect solution to the problems that come with the traditional, paper yearbook. Completely digital, this yearbook is available at the very tips of your fingers, on your phone or via the web. It is available at any time, and anywhere. SchoolFlicker allows you to carry your yearbook with you wherever you go. What a perfect way to stay in touch, to keep friendships alive, to keep memories from fading?

SchoolFlicker has some wonderful advantages. It is, of course, completely digital. So there are no worries about portability. But more than that, technology allows the high school yearbooks to come alive with audio, video, picture and text. So, no more yearbooks with just static pictures that can fade, no more yearbooks with just a few lines of text. Today’s high school yearbooks need more and SchoolFlicker can bring them to you.

And it’s not just the technology that makes SchoolFlicker so attractive. SchoolFlicker brings you high school yearbooks that cost so much less than the traditional, paper yearbooks. This should make parents happy. Apart from this, SchoolFlicker is so easy to produce, it saves schools both time and money. SchoolFlicker is free for schools.

To top all this off, SchoolFlicker is great for the environment. Because SchoolFlicker kills no trees to produce books, these high school yearbooks are kinder and gentler to the environment, making them ecology friendly.

With all these advantages stacking up, there’s every reason to choose SchoolFlicker’s yearbooks online. Create virtual memories with SchoolFlicker, the paperless yearbook!