School Yearbook Pictures

School Yearbook Pictures Schools form the essential fabric of society, they are houses of learning, growth and development for young minds. Small wonder then, that students like to keep the memories from those years in the form of yearbooks. School yearbooks have preserved memories of those cherished times, a record of accomplishments, growth and relationships in the school yearbook pictures.

However, school yearbooks until now have been heavy, cumbersome paper books that are difficult to produce, distribute and store. And to top it all, they are also very expensive. Besides, once purchased, they are browsed through for a short time before they are relegated to storage. Most often, they are stored either on a book shelf or they find their way into the family attic, only to be forgotten. Which is an irony, since they were purchased with much enthusiasm.

But what’s the alternative to the traditional yearbook?

Introducing SchoolFlicker, the paperless yearbook.

SchoolFlicker is a school yearbook like no other. It ushers the yearbook into the digital era and heralds an entirely new era for the school yearbook. Everything else has gone digital, shouldn’t the school yearbook as well?

SchoolFlicker offers the perfect solution to the cumbersome, difficult to produce and expensive paper yearbook. It is completely digital and comes with exciting new features, transforming the traditional, dull paper yearbook. SchoolFlicker offers far more than just high school pictures with a few words of text, it offers audio and video as well. Imagine how the addition of sound and movement can make profiles and school events come alive and stay alive in people’s minds. That is the magic of SchoolFlicker.

So now, SchoolFlicker makes the yearbook accessible at any time, any where. It is available literally at the tips of your fingers, via your mobile phone. It is also available via the web. This yearbook will never languish on a dusty bookshelf, nor will it remain boxed in the attic. Imagine being able to access the digital school yearbook, any time, any where. Imagine being able to relive those memories any time you need to, being able to see your friends and keep those relationships fresh in your mind.

Now, it is all possible, with SchoolFlicker, the paperless yearbook!

And those are not the only advantages for a school.

School Yearbook Pictures SchoolFlicker There are so many more advantages to going digital with the school yearbook than the ones mentioned above. Schools by their very nature are houses of learning and education. The traditional yearbook takes a school’s time away from their core competency, that of imparting an education. The traditional yearbook requires time and effort on the part of a school. The process of planning, creating and distributing the yearbook is complex and time-consuming. And then there is the issue of unsold inventory creating headaches for a school’s authorities.

All these problems are eliminated with SchoolFlicker, which is easy to produce and saves a school time, money and effort. Entirely digital, SchoolFlicker does not require major investment on the part of any school. There will be no excess inventory to worry about.

Another advantage of SchoolFlicker is that it makes parents happy. SchoolFlicker costs far less than the traditional paper yearbook, saving parents a considerable amount of money. Each traditional yearbook can cost between sixty and a hundred dollars. The burden on parents is more when they purchase multiple school yearbooks each year for more than one child. Small wonder, then, that parents are happy to go digital and embrace SchoolFlicker wholeheartedly.

SchoolFlicker is also environmentally friendly. It uses no paper and therefore saves trees. This fact is of particular interest to those that are looking for eco-friendly products. The younger generation tends to be conscious of the environment and going digital will be of particular interest to them because of their involvement with the environment. There is also another reason they are happy to embrace SchoolFlicker. The younger generation is also more likely to be aligned with technology which makes it doubly easy to please them with SchoolFlicker.

Yes, the era of the paperless yearbook is here, offering so many advantages to schools, to students and to parents. With all these advantages stacking up, there’s every reason to choose SchoolFlicker. Move away from the traditional yearbook and enjoy the completely digital advantages of the paperless yearbook from SchoolFlicker!

Create virtual memories with SchoolFlicker, the paperless yearbook!