My Yearbook

oh-my-yearbook My yearbook is important to me; as it is for most people that have gone through their high school years. It is a compendium of my school events, my friendships, my achievements, my struggles and my growth. It is something I’d like to keep as a record of my school years. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out like that.

Yet, when it came time to move, I couldn’t find room in my baggage, and much less in my college dorm for my yearbook. Later, I moved so many times, my yearbook stayed at home with my parents. Not what I envisioned would happen. It’s not as if I didn’t care. It’s not as if I did not value my yearbook. It just wasn’t practical to carry it around.

So when I ran into an old friend, neither he not I had a copy of our yearbooks to reminisce over. We had forgotten some of our friends’ last names, forgotten where they ended up. “If only, if only,” the words rang in my head. “If only, I had my yearbook with me.”

Now, someone tells me, I could have my yearbook with me at all times – with SchoolFlicker, the paperless yearbook.

Enter, SchoolFlicker!

oh-me-yearbook1 Of course it makes perfect sense. In this digital age, why should anyone still carry around traditional, paper yearbooks? SchoolFlicker is entirely online, entirely digital and entirely accessible – anytime, anywhere. If I had such a yearbook, I would have been able to access it when my friend and I met.

SchoolFlicker has other neat features too. It is dynamic, for it has not just a picture with a few lines of text, but audio and video in addition. How thrilling to be able to watch and hear snippets of a game or a school concert. How wonderful to catch the antics of a favorite friend. And how unbelievable to be able to access it years after graduation.

And best of all, SchoolFlicker is so easily accessible, literally at the tips of your fingers – on your phone or via the web. Who doesn’t carry around a phone anymore? The phone is an extension of the self these days.

SchoolFlicker’s cost is lower than what my parents paid for my yearbook. That is, in itself, a huge advantage as far as they are concerned. My parents would have been so much happier paying less than they did for my yearbook. Particularly since they are still storing it for me!

The other advantage is that SchoolFlicker uses no paper, so it’s friendlier to the environment. Who wouldn’t like such a product?

Besides, SchoolFlicker makes things easier for schools by reducing their costs and the effort they have to put in to create yearbooks. No excess inventory or storage issues either. So schools can now focus on what they do best, which is to educate students and get them ready for the real world.

With all these advantages stacking up, there’s every reason to choose SchoolFlicker’s yearbooks online. Create virtual memories with SchoolFlicker, the paperless yearbook!