a-yearbook-is-forever What joy is contained between the pages of a high school yearbook! Within those pages are captured the essence of a student’s high school life: the highs, the tensions, the achievements, the sorrows, the friendships, the emotions and the belonging. It is an unparalleled period of change and what better way to encapsulate that sense of belonging to a school’s family than through the yearbook. No wonder the yearbook has always been an integral part of every school – a necessity for both the school and for the student. This is how the students look back on their school years. The years fly by and sometimes the memories also fly with them; but not if there is a yearbook to help keep those memories alive.

However, the only yearbook anyone’s known so far is the traditional, paper yearbook. In this age of technology, these paper yearbooks are fast becoming obsolete. They may capture a student’s attention for a short while. But then, life gets in the way. Students move away. They get advanced degrees, they move far away from home. They form new relationships. And the yearbook, heavy and dust-laden, stays on the shelf in their old room or in an attic somewhere – forgotten and dismissed. So how to solve this problem?

Enter: SchoolFlicker!

With SchoolFlicker’s digital yearbook, all the problems associated with the traditional yearbook are gone! This online yearbook is available literally at one’s fingertips: on the phone, or via the web. It is available anytime, anywhere. Not only that, this yearbook contains far more than just the static photos and a few lines of text as in the traditional yearbooks. This yearbook has far more. With SchoolFlicker, the yearbook comes alive with audio and video as well.

Think of the joy that’s now not just doubled but tripled as you relive important scenes from a winning game, see Homecoming’s best moments or watch the band’s superlative performance at a state event.

All that is possible with SchoolFlicker.

And what’s more, there’s no need to worry about storing the heavy, traditional yearbook any more. No need to worry about it gathering dust. For it is available literally at your fingertips anywhere you go, with the richness of picture, audio, video and text.

Another obvious advantage? Parents love SchoolFlicker and online school yearbooks because they are so much cheaper than traditional yearbooks. Traditional yearbooks can be expensive, they cost anywhere from sixty to a hundred dollars and in homes with multiple siblings that cost can multiply several fold. Parents often grumble about not just the cost of these yearbooks but about the fact that no one seems to care about them or look through them after the first year or so. Meanwhile, they are stuck with storing them while the kids move away.  SchoolFlicker’s yearbooks reduce costs considerably, easing the burden on parents who purchase yearbooks.

Then there are other advantages that are not so apparent immediately. SchoolFlicker’s online school yearbooks are environmentally friendly. Think of all the trees and all the paper that SchoolFlicker saves by not printing the yearbooks. For the eco-conscious generation, SchoolFlicker is a boon!

SchoolFlicker comes with advantages for the school as well. SchoolFlicker, which provides you the yearbook online, is a revenue generator for schools besides which there’s zero cost that accrues to the schools. Schools don’t need to worry about unsold inventory either. It’s far easier to manage than the traditional yearbook.

With all these advantages stacking up, there’s every reason to choose SchoolFlicker’s online school yearbooks. Create virtual memories with SchoolFlicker, the paperless yearbook!